Wedding Sub Ceremonies

Wedding couple light unity candle
Wedding couple light unity candle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sub ceremonies are a very popular inclusion as part of the wedding ceremony. There are so many to choose from, or you can simply make up your own. Many sub ceremonies are steeped in tradition or religion, however bridal couples also use them to reflect themselves.

The unity candle is quite common, allowing the bride and groom to both light a candle from their own individual candle, symbolising their unity.

A rose ceremony is a beautiful exchange of roses between the bride and groom, after their vows, as their first gifts to each other as a married couple.

A very popular option is the sand ceremony, where the bride and groom pour different coloured sand into a glass container. The different sands are representative of their lives as individuals, and the sands are then combined together, symbolising their lives joining together as one.

One of the more alternative ceremonies is the truce bell, where a bell is rung during their ceremony and then it is placed in their marital home, where if a disagreement occurs they can ring the bell to remind each other of that happiness and the promises and commitment they made to each other, hopefully ending the disagreement quickly.

A children’s ceremony is a wonderful way to introduce children into a blended family. The bride and groom give their children a token of their promise to them.

There are many other varieties, such as rock/stone ceremony, hand fasting, warming of the rings, butterfly release, water ceremony, garland ceremony, and broom jumping ceremony.

When it comes to selecting your sub ceremony, it is personal choice and should reflect the bridal couple.


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